A Multifaceted Approach to the Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain Using Hypnosis
by Candy Bamford


DOI: 10.1002/ch.316

The research is published in the Journal of Contemporary Hypnosis.

I have used hypnosis for the treatment of phantom limb pain on over 400 clients in the last 10 years. Most of these clients have been in pain for several years and are on high doses of pain medication but still not getting a lot of relief from their pain.

The results with hypnosis have been consistent over the last 10 years. To use hypnosis to reduce neuropathic pain requires daily treatment initially. With the use of CDs this is easily achieved and becomes routine, like taking medication.

Most clients have found that within 6 to 8 weeks they don’t need to use their CD daily, but have the reassurance of knowing it is there if they need it. 

The treatment of phantom limb pain with hypnosis is usually done over a three week period.

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